Neurological Diagnosis and Treatment for Learning Disabilities

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Bright Minds Program Diagnosis Learning Disabilities
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Bright Minds Institute
is dedicated to helping children and young adults learn more effectively.  Dr. Fernando Miranda, a cognitive and behavioral neurologist, heads a team of medical professionals that specialize in the development of children and young adults. We use comprehensive medical, psychological, and educational techniques.

We diagnose and treat:
Learning Disabilities
Attention Disorders in Children (ADD/ADHD) 
Attention Disorders in Adults (ADD/ADHD)   
Speech and Language Disorders
Developmental Coordination Disorder
Cognitive Guidance for High Achievers

We base our therapy on four distinct evaluations:
1- Cognitive Neurology: Our neurologist will interview and evaluate your child and family as well as review your child's medical records and reports

2- Neurophysiology: Digital EEG and Evoked Potentials (DEEP) Assessment as per Harvard Medical School/ Children's Hospital Boston. We have licensed and piloted this technology which is available solely in our clinic following this four-part evaluation system. Standard EEG, simple and straight forward is available everywhere. Even in most hospitals in Africa.

3- MRI using a 3 tesla scanner

4- Neuropsychology when appropriate

We advise parents and provide directives for:
• Clinical Psychology
• Educational Psychology
• Cognitive Therapy
• Behavioral Therapy
• Speech Therapy
• Individual Tutors
• Physical Therapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Family Therapy
• Art Therapy
• Pharmacological Therapy
• Biofeedback

Individualized Program
Each child is unique and should have an individualized program created to help him/her. In order to create an appropriate program for each child, an accurate diagnosis is essential.
Our team performs a thorough evaluation and creates a program that is appropriate for the specific needs of your child. Our team works in collaboration with parents, teachers, school counselors, and pediatricians. We identify the problems that are getting in the way of learning. We formulate a specific, coordinated plan to address the difficulties so that proper learning can successfully occur.
Treatment may include a combination of: an individualized educational program, tutoring, behavior modification techniques, therapy, and medication, if needed.
Neural Science
It is not unusual in children with specific learning and behavioral problems, that certain connections among nerve cells and groups of specialized areas of the brain are not yet developed properly. In many cases, the chemicals and receptors that mediate this development are deficient. When repaired, and if properly stimulated by specific methods, the brain develops the appropriate and normal connections. Normal learning ensues.

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