Neurological Diagnosis and Treatment for Learning Disabilities

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Bright Minds Institute is a world-renowned diagnostic and treatment center for children, teens and adults with learning and cognitive challenges.

We offer advanced diagnostic testing and medical management for all levels of brain disorders:

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We also treat:

  • seizures - silent or gran mal
  • fine/gross motor delays
  • sensory integrative dysfunction
  • balance and coordination
  • traumatic brain injury

    Our chief neurologist Dr. Fernando Miranda knows that to accurately create a long-lasting solution for a child with learning difficulties, delays, or disorders, we must first conduct a thorough medical evaluation to discover the problem's cause or causes.

    1. Once the source of the problem has been diagnosed, our skilled professional experts develop a focused, goal-oriented treatment plan.
    2. Our collaborative team of neurologists, neuropsychologists and office staff work together to continually monitor each child's progress, goals, and plan-of-care.
    3. Our treatment program includes pharmacological therapies as well as relevant therapy directives.

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